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Her boyfriend is so evil that he called a couple of his friends to come rape and kill her, thankfully that didn't happen.

There was another girl that appeared on the show and she was 18 years old with a child.

Tell you the truth I would probably seriously hurt that boy, I could not handle it!

There was a part in the show when two of the girls had revealed that they kept the bloody stained clothing that they were beaten in as a reminder of that horrible night.

It's either "she made me do that" or "she made me mad" there is always a excuse, when reality is there's never a reason for a man to hit a woman under no circumstances is it ok.

Another girl 17 years old survived a vicious attack from her boyfriend, she nearly died.

Tyra's first guests were a 17 and 18 year old couple who physically and mentally abused each other.

When they would fight it would literally get bad, there was punching, slapping, pushing and kicking involved.

According to statistics on the Tyra Banks Show teen abuse has skyrocketed up to 40% in the last ten years.

It is a dangerous secret that's going on with teen couples today.

Victims of teen dating violence often keep the abuse a secret.

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