Adobe flash play is not updating

Apple has already stopped bundling Java with OS X by default.You can read about how to disable Java on your Mac here.

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But Goettl says public disclosure means enough information was released publicly for an attacker to get a jump start or potentially to have access to proof-of-concept code making an exploit more likely.

“Both of the disclosed vulnerabilities are rated as Important, so not as severe, but the risk of exploit is higher due to the disclosure,” Goettl said.

However, Apple doesn't stop you from installing Flash if you do want to run Flash content on your Mac.

If you want to install Flash so that you can watch content from All4 for example, we have this tutorial on How to install Flash on your Mac here.

Even if you have chosen to install Flash on your Mac, it won't necessarily remain there.

Flash tends to disappear from your Mac everytime you update the Mac operating system.

Alternatively you may see a message like this one: If you want to install Flash you can choose to do so - we have more information about installing Flash on your Mac here.

If it turns out that you have got Flash installed on your Mac, but you have decided that the web is a better place without Flash - perhaps because you have heard about a recent vulnerability, or because you want to avoid seeing Flash based ads, here's how to uninstall it: ~/Library/Preferences/Macromedia/Flash\ Player ~/Library/Caches/Adobe/Flash\ Player One reason for Flash's demise it HTML5, which is an open standard supported natively across a variety of devices and platforms including PC web browsers, mobile devices, and smart TVs.

How can you ensure that your Mac is protected from Flash vulnerabilities?

Chances are Flash isn't actually installed on your Mac at all.

Apple's preference is that customers use HTML5, the newer, safer way of browsing the web.

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