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Men, on the other hand, really have not had a set of techniques for getting what they want from women (with one big exception I’ll get to in a minute).

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When this happened, many women went into hysterics of course, since under the feminine model, it’s perfectly fine for women to have techniques to snag men, but it’s abusive and manipulative for men to have techniques to snag women.

I regularly get women on this blog saying exactly that whenever I cover specific dating or relationship techniques for men.

For thousands of years, women have used all kinds of dating and relationship techniques in order to date, marry, snag, have babies with, and/or control men.

From wearing makeup that makes her look like someone else, to wearing a push-up bra to make her boobs look bigger than they actually are, to wearing heels to make her look taller than she actually is, to imply possible sex when she knows damn well she’s not actually going to do it, to even restricting sex in order to enforce compliance, either directly (“You’re not getting any until you empty that dishwasher! These techniques, among hundreds of others, have successfully put men under the sway of women in marriages and relationships for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

Like other men, I had to spend several years of my life how to attract women.) Back in the days before pick-up/dating/relationship advice for men, focusing on your SMV made sense. Today, unlike I had when I was a clueless beta male in the 1990’s, you have an entire internet full of pick-up, dating, and at least some relationship advice specifically tailored .

There was no other way to get laid (unless you were a natural), so that was the only avenue available to you. You’ve got literally hundreds of blogs and forums, as well as thousands of You Tube videos about this. Are there some bullshit artists and scammers in the PUA community / manosphere? I can tell you as a business consultant with 25 years of experience, pretty much every industry has that problem.

I learned and focused on pick-up and dating techniques, and they worked. It’s also about following a system that is proven to work, and not doing things that clearly blow your chances with women.

By the summer of 2009, I was having sex with numerous hot girls, many of them almost 20 years younger than me, with very fast meet-to-sex times, without having to pay for any of it. There are now going to be a bunch of you who will lose their shit and scream that I’m saying SMV doesn’t matter at all. Of course SMV is a factor in determining whether or not a man gets laid with at least cute girls, then you need to explain the chubby homeless guy who was banging all these girls that I talked about here.

If you can’t, you have to admit that SMV is a factor, but not the factor.

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