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Hosts Ryan Broderick and Katie Notopoulos have a ton of experience receiving dick pics, and even if you don't agree with their final assessment on what motivates people to send them, the episode opens up an important digital-age dialogue about how and when such advances should be made.

They also bring in professional dick pic photog Soraya Doolbaz and Madeleine Holden of the Critique My Dick Pic Tumblr to lay down a practical set of standards by which to snap i Phone masterpieces.

It's fun, titillating, and opinionated -- a perfect conversation starter for new couples or seasoned pairs looking to add a little luster. Discussing all angles of the gay scene with frankness, curious queers will take great comfort in Isaac, Nu Britt, and the Victator as friendly guides.

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Rough power grabs with fumbling fingers all over the place." It's hot. , the brainchild of a team of sex workers who unpacked the graphic details of their trade in a series of two-way interviews.

A few years in, the project fell into the hands of host Kaitlin Prest and senior producer Mitra Kaboli, who steered the content toward great narrative storytelling that honored the show's past. This is a podcast for couples that don't always fit a traditional position in the bedroom.

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we've compiled a list of podcasts that you and your date, significant other, or anyone entering your romantic circle can listen to together.

Check them out for tips on breaking the ice, how to broach the "open relationship" topic, and toys to help you tango.

Even if you're one of those people who isn't sharing a bed, you'll feel a little less lonely after you hear how many others are just like you.

, with each episode exploring the complexity of human sexuality.

They also crack jokes, talk about sex, and break down the outdated tropes Morton's dad uses.

The squad does a surprisingly good job of keeping it together while reading from the master work, allowing listeners to become invested in the DTF protagonist's sexploits.

And the final bonus act touches on the "let's read your partner's diary when he's not around" part of love. brings The Cut into the audio world and gives couples a chance to explore all manners of modern-day sex.

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