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More than thirty percent of Americans think that a relationship initiated online has a better chance of success than one initiated in a bar.( With these figures in mind, South African content sites have stepped up to grab a piece of the lucrative online dating pie.

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Content would suck readers in, went the theory, and communities would form around these content genres.

E-commerce areas would then be built around relevant content and wham bam thank you Ram, your community interacts and you have dotcom dollars. The internet really seemed to have an edge over more established mediums such as television, print and radio.

And when you charge for content, invariably people will go somewhere else.” Burstein and his two partners Duncan Forrest, the Cape Town tech guru, and Antony Soicher, the business developer and business school lecturer in Johannesburg, took the view that if they were going to succeed they were going to have to bite the bullet and simply just do it themselves rather than go the arduous venture capital route.

“We took the view that if we were going to succeed we would need to do it ourselves rather than raise the funding…

Either create the market or go to the market – this has been a large contributor to our success,” says Burstein.

So far, Dating Buzz exists as a network of rebranded dating websites across 16 websites throughout South Africa.

Nua Internet surveys, an authoritative online source on internet trends and statistics, reported in March 2003 that research by the powerful US-based Online Publishers’ Association (OPA) found that the Personals/Dating category surpassed both Business/Investments and Entertainment/Lifestyles to become the largest paid content category in 2002 with 2-million in revenues, up from -million in 2001.

Nua also quotes 2002 research that found that around 44% of Americans believe that individuals have a better chance of meeting a partner online than in a single’s bar.

When the internet arrived, people screamed let’s make lots of money.

This new, interactive medium had the ability to deliver content to audiences in innovative ways and make money at the same time.

The business started off with a low base cost: the only real costs have been staff, technology and bandwith – very manageable for a small three’s company. “From a business perspective we took an early decision to create a variance of our technology to service different markets and allow for easy rebranding, cobranding or reskinning of the product.

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