Ancient dating systems

Indeed, why most of competent Hebrew scholars propagate patently false explanations about God's name?

Why do the Jews refuse to read God's name as it is written and read Adonay "my Lord" (a plural of majesty) instead of it?

It is for this reason that from Herodotus, the “father of history” (in fact the father of scientific and chronological inquiry), Greek historians gradually established a system of scientific dating in order to write a universal history.

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Prince Kamose, Seqenenre Taa's brother, assured interim of authority for 3 years and threatened attack the former pharaoh Apopi, new prince of Retenu (Palestine) who took the name Moses, according to Manetho (280 BCE), an Egyptian priest and historian.

In the stele of the Tempest, Kamose also blames Apopi for all the disasters that come to fall upon Egypt, which caused many deaths.

However, according to most Egyptologists, there is absolutely no evidence of Moses and the Exodus in Egyptian documents, which leads them to conclude that the whole biblical story is a myth written for gullible people.

Ironically, if one considers that “truth” must be based on two pillars: an accurate chronology anchored on absolute dates (Herodotus’ principle) and reliable documents coming from critical editions (Thucydides’ principle), that implies an amazing conclusion: those who believe Egyptologists are actually the real gullible ones.

The purpose of the present brochure is to give the chronologies of the main ancient civilizations (Egyptian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Sumerian, Hittite, Mitannian, Israelite, etc.) with their synchronisms as well as all absolute dating based on astronomical events (which have been precisely dated in a calendar) like eclipses, solar or lunar, and some Sothic risings. If Greek historians had little doubt of its existence they remained extremely skeptical regarding its mythological origin.

Archaeology has confirmed one essential point: there was indeed a general conflagration in the Greek world around 1200 BCE, the assumed period of that war, which caused the disappearance of two powerful empires: Mycenaean on one hand and Hittite with its vassals on the other hand.

Seqenenre Taa died in May 1533 BCE, after 11 years of reign, in dramatic and unclear circumstances.

The state of his mummy proves, however, that his body received severe injuries, in agreement with Psalms 1, and remained abandoned for several days before being mummified.

Fritz Poppenberg a German filmaker made a DVD from this article ( which is available for free on youtube https://

v=Ljp GXSy Iq Tc The understanding of God's name YHWH is so controversial that it is eventually the controversy of controversies, or the ultimate controversy.

Why God's name is usually punctuated e,â (shewa, qamats) by the Masoretes what makes its reading impossible, because the 4 consonants of the name YHWH must have at least 3 vowels (long or short) to be read, like the words ’a Do NâY and ’e Lo HîM "God" (a plural of majesty), which have 4 consonants and 3 vowels?

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