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The responsible Poodle breeder will provide results of x-rays, blood tests, eye examinations, and other tests done on breeding stock for hereditary health problems for which tesing is available.

(For more information on selecting a breeder, see the articles on the main Breed Listing and Breeders page.) Additional Health Resources: To keep the coat free of mats, frequent brushing and regular clipping is a must.

To learn more about the History of the Poodle, see: The Poodle is well known as an intelligent, amusing, good natured and eager-to-please dog that makes a wonderful companion.

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The travelling gypsies also added to the styles of clips for the performing Poodles who were often dressed in various costumes.

Soon, it was discovered that the Poodle could be clipped, dyed and decorated in an endless number of styles.

Two distinct coat types exist — the Corded and Curly.

The coat of a corded Poodle will normally start to cord between the ages of 9 to 18 months.

Note: The breed may also be recognized by other registries not indicated here.

For further details about dog registries, please see the document: Dog Breed Registries in North America.

Today, the Poodle is often seen competing in the show ring, in obedience, agility and in field trials.

The Miniature and Toy varieties of Poodle were bred down from the larger Standard Poodles and all three exhibit the same general characteristics.

The clipping of the Poodle goes back to their working and sporting days when certain areas of the coat were shaved for added mobility when swimming as well as to prevent snagging and other areas were left covered for warmth.

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