Are diana vickers and eoghan quigg still dating

Eoghan and Diana shared a rather emotional, tearful goodbye on camera Saturday.

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But it seems as though Eoghan is still performing, last year being named as the runner up for Ireland's 2014 Eurovision Song Contestant entry with the track The Movie Song.

As for what the rest of the X Factor class of 2008 are up to, Eoghan's rumoured love interest during the show Diana Vickers is currently starring in the UK tour of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Did Diana dump Chris to pursue a relationship with the sweet, blond Irishman?

, who had hair like a furby and had a wee crush on Diana Vickers?

Posing for new pictures in this week's magazine, Eggnog, sorry, Eoghan said: "I’ve got a lot taller and my hair’s shorter.

Anyway, it turns out he's not so much of a boy anymore, as it looks like someone has been spending those years without a record deal locked in a gym.

Some messages have even shown viewers self-harming in grisly attempts to grab their idols' attention.

Singer Lauren Murray, 25, said: "People can be so mean on Twitter, they forget we’re just normal people."A few of us have even had death threats."And we’ve had people send pictures of themselves cutting our names into their arms.

The newspaper reported that Chris is desperate to rekindle the romance.

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