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It is gentle enough to use every morning before your normal makeup routine.

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Leave it for about 15 minutes and then rinse with clean warm water.

Exfoliation is essential in removing dead skin cells and making room for new cells to grow.

Aging is something that every woman is going to face in her lifetime.

While this is a natural occurrence and there is really no way to stop it, there are ways that you can slow it down and stay younger looking.

Making this mask is easy, you just need: • 1 small tomato You just need to cut the tomato in half and then rub those halves on your face. This is an all-natural serum that works much like those very expensive products that you can buy at your favorite beauty shop.

It uses rose hip for younger looking skin, hemp seed oil for anti-aging benefits and rosewood for skin rejuvenation.

You will simply need: • 1 medium banana – Actually you only need ¼ of the banana so enjoy the rest in a yummy smoothie.

Just mash the banana until it no longer contains chunks and spread it on your face.

Here is our collection of 15 wonderful DIY anti-aging products that will effectively keep those fine lines and wrinkles at bay.

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