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Today around 170,000 Filipinos are now living and working in Hong Kong.

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Many Filipino men work on ships at sea or on projects throughout the world, but the number in Hong Kong is not proportionate to the number of women.

In addition, Western men are perceived as being very loving, and more modern than Filipinos.

Money, although of course desirable, is very much secondary to the stability of a loving marriage.

The 1980’s saw a decline in the Philippine economy and many Filipino professionals and degree holders started to look abroad for better paid opportunities.

This means the woman can look forward to more freedom and a more equal relationship with a Western man.

Finally, just as many Westerners are attracted to women of different races, many Filipino find the physical appearance of Westerners to be attractive.

The opportunity to dance and flirt with men, without marriage in mind, is also something not common in the Philippines, where just being seen holding hands with a man can have serious implications.

However this fascination with new experiences wanes after time, and interests return to the more basic life of family and friends. Many are very religious and spend their limited free time on church-oriented activities.

You may have some concerns about why a woman would place her profile on this site.

You may worry that perhaps she only wants to get married to obtain the right of abode in a Western country, then to divorce you and take all the money she can in the settlement.

The Philippine Culture is a mixture based on ancient aboriginal tribes, 500 years of Spanish colonisation, 50’s America and the 80’s disco era. Spain brought the Catholic faith to the Philippines in the 1500’s.

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