Aspxgridview rowvalidating event

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I'm changing the value of the Shale Play field and the Row Validating event is firing as expected. Note that that might be different than, for instance, the name of the column in your database (depending on how your Grid View is populated).

EDIT: Markup: Where "Bind Grid" above is whatever process / method / code you use to bind data to your aspx Grid View. "Shale Play" is not the name of the field in the datasource that's populating your Grid View.

Row Validating event is used to check values on the server.3) The Grid View Batch Edit Settings.

Allow Validation On End Edit property allows switching validation modes on the client side.

In this particular example, your object will need to inherit from a class that has a "Save" method.

Let’s say you are a super mogul who happens to own eighty-nine different stores, shops, cafes, and the like. So today your task is to send your GM information about which business buys what and where.

Is there a better way to achieve this functionality)?

Thanks Alex Hello Alex Pinsker, In your scenario you are right to use the Row Validating event.

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Explore the Telerik Public Issue Tracking system and vote to affect the priority of the items I wrote a generic Row Validating Method that uses reflection to compare the new values against the old ones.

There is not a direct way to know if any changes have been made.

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