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Highlights from the first day of Facebook’s F8 annual developer conference in San Jose, Calif., Tuesday include adding a touch of Tinder to the social network’s flagship mobile applications and a new way for people to share content from other apps to Stories on both Facebook and Instagram.Highlights follow: Facebook said it will begin testing a feature for dating and relationships within its flagship mobile apps later this year.shown) which location is a matter of convenience since it 1 permits accessibility7 to the mechanism for the purpose of setting theadjustable vrtype members and cleaning same, aswell as the adjustment ofthe attachment for vtheproper locating of theiiinprint taere'from, in'relation tothe imprint or transferreddesign fromthe cylinder j This attachment comprises a shaft 19 mounted at'each end in a bearing link 2.0 pivoted uponthe main frame `of the machine below the feed shelf.

Facebook is enhancing the Crisis Response center it introduced last September with the addition of “a feature that will enable people affected by a crisis to share firsthand accounts of timely information, like road closures and damage photos and videos, making it easier to get real-time updates.” The social network said the update will roll out later this year.

Facebook launched a tool in India last September enabling users to sign up to be blood donors, and that tool was expanded to Bangladesh and Pakistan later in 2017.

Facebook said people do not have to connect their Facebook or Instagram accounts to other apps in order to use this new feature.

Instagram redesigned its Explore section, organizing its content into topic channels.

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