Baby dating scan kent

Check your baby’s position before the big day with our presentation scan.

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If you’re looking to confirm your pregnancy as soon as possible, our Early Pregnancy Scan is available from just 5 weeks.

Recommended if there has been bleeding, pain, a history of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, IVF treatment or history of long term medical conditions.

Our baby scans are designed to provide the perfect bonding experience for you, your family, and your developing child.

We offer an intimate private service to complement your NHS pregnancy scans, giving you a more detailed look at your baby and ensuring that you’ll treasure the memories forever.

Take a look at just how far along your baby has come with our growth scan.

Recommended if there’s any concern about the growth or size of the baby, especially in women who’ve had complications, growth restrictions or diabetes.

We recommend that you present your dating scan results to your usual healthcare professional whose contact details we take at the time of booking.

Your choice of a free rescan may be appropriate if we are unable to perform the primary purpose of this scan.

Our Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing analyses the cell-free DNA from the baby that circulates in the mother’s blood.

This is an advanced option in screening for Down’s syndrome, Edwards syndrome and Patau syndrome.

This extensive baby scan examines the foetal developments, specifically looking at the anatomical structures, including the head, chest, stomach, kidneys, limbs, spine and heart.

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