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Usually foreign guys in Belarus use the same scheme.

Firstly if they see pretty girl, they ask why is she alone and buy her a drink.

Then they talk about nothing and everything – all at once. I’d say that Belarus women are very pleased to hear compliments, because Belarus men make compliments very rare to their women.

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There is also pretty much nothing interesting to do in Belarus, and maybe women of this country find foreign man somehow exotic.

As it is said in one Belarus article, one Italian guy had 14 Belarus girls in his bed during 20 days of staying in this country.

Foreigners also share information, that girls from newspapr announcements take about $100 for the night, but speak Russian only.

One Turkish guy said that he prefers to spend two days for romantic attends with flowers and candles.

But this also means that there are many Belarus girls who visit those places on purpose to meet foreigner.

Maybe you are curious about East European women and are wondering which country in East Europe has the most beautiful and attractive women.

Italians are eager to find easy girls in Belarus and they even have special web sites, where give advices to other Italians how to pick up a girl in Belarus, how to get visa, where to rent a cheap flat in Minsk, what places are the best to find Belarus girl for night.

One Italian also shares his experience by saying he visits Italian restaurant in Minsk, because there are many beautiful Belarus girls who are pretty easy to get in bed, you only need to buy her a beer, or have a vodka and dinner with her, make some compliments and she is yours.

On the forums concerning sex trips to Belarus active participants advice not to stay in the Hotel, because it is more expensive than to rent a flat, plus if you stay in the hotel, you have to pay the security guy to bring a girl inside.

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