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8, 1980, Lennon was murdered outside his New York City apartment.

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The day after the September 11 terror attacks, he went to Ground Zero in his old gear to join his former team.

He worked long shifts with them for nearly a week, clearing rubble and searching for survivors. It was fellow firefighters that revealed what he'd done.

In other words: don't expect her to be rubbing elbows with Hillary Clinton anytime soon.

's Danny Bonaduce masked a very sad and troubled private life.

Talk about "tool time." He's one of Hollywood's most sought-after actors and directors, but behind the scenes, Ben Affleck has battled substance abuse and gambling issues for well over a decade.

He entered rehab in 2001, reportedly to deal with ongoing alcohol abuse.

Lear recalls every script as a battle, with O'Connor threatening to quit repeatedly because he was so repulsed. "He was, after all, at the beginning of a process where he was to shed the gentle Irish intellectual Carroll O'Connor to become the poorly educated, full-of-himself blowhard Archie Bunker, spewing a kind of rancid, lights-out conservatism for a television audience that grew quickly to more than 50 million people." As an actor, Buscemi's curriculum vitae includes murderer, gangster, addict, and bum, but off-screen, he's a stand-up, blue collar guy from Brooklyn.

Before his acting career heated up, a young Buscemi worked as a firefighter for Little Italy's Engine 55.

That's why it's kind of hard to reconcile Colbert's quick and cutting onscreen wit with his off-screen gig as a Sunday school teacher. He was reportedly a "fun" teacher — the kind who'd host religious-themed games of As arguably the most famous trans celebrity in Hollywood, one might assume Caitlyn Jenner is about as liberal as one can get when it comes to politics. In fact, time and time again, the reality TV star has come under fire for her controversial political views.

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