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An earlier article by Prebish and Jan Nattier makes it seem likely that it was the Sthaviravādins who split first, and the Mahāsaṃghikas who represented the conservative mainstream.

Traditionally ages of monks are counted from their ordination, but Gombrich argues that in this case the ages where counted from birth.

For one thing if the traditional chronology is used most of the monks would have lived into their 90's and one to 105.

Evidence for this is the number of rules in the various surviving Pratimokṣa Sūtras with the Mahāsaṃghikas having the least.

This is a brief gloss of Prebish's article which is available on the internet (link below) and is recommended if you have an interest in Buddhist history.

Almost two years ago now I attended a series of lectures by Prof.

Richard Gombrich which I find still resonating around in my psyche. Gombrich talked about was his disappointment that his article in which he had discovered the 'true' dates of the Buddha had not attracted any attention from the scholarly community.I meditate so that I can reflect on my experiences, both the delightful and the painful. [or should I say, a failed attempt at online dating because you need to have actually gone on a date for it be considered dating…right?And in that stillness, I sometimes find the courage to ask myself some uncomfortable questions. [chants to himself under his breath: vulnerability and courage are one and the same, vulnerability and courage are one and the same, vulnerability and courage are on and the same] Ok. ] But because I am a really good, only slightly novice Buddhist practitioner, I realized that the whole thing of it, the whole process of creating an online dating persona—the choosing of the profile picture, the filling in the description portion, and the people that I found attractive enough and interesting enough to actually meet for a date–was an opportunity for self-reflection. Am I the only one who has experienced the wonderful, the terrifying and the potentially dangerous pull of romantic relationships and the pursuit of love? Am I the only one who has had an acutely maddening online dating experience?The obvious flaw in this theory is that the vinaya was initially memorised and not written down until some centuries later.

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