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I find this so sad because there truly is real joy in living a celibate life and I want to point it out for anyone who is struggling with the idea of committing to celibacy until marriage.

After seven years of intense struggle, spiritual growth, personal triumphs, and finally remarriage in the church and the birth of three miracle children, her one desire was to help others who were suffering find hope and healing.

Lisa has worked for the church in a variety of roles, most recently bringing her divorce support program, Journey of Hope, to parishes in the US and Canada.

You will land on your feet and be better, wiser, and happier for doing so.

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25 year old Alek Minassian intentionally struck a number of people on a busy Toronto street with a rental van and was charged today with 10 counts of murder and 13 counts of attempted murder. " Elliot Rodger was a purported incel who went on a killing rampage in 2014 near his campus of UC Santa Barbara after having written manifesto seeking “vengeance against attractive women” for denying him sex and affection. In 2015, Chris Harper-Mercer shot and killed 9 people at a community college in Oregon before taking his own life.

Police say on the suspect’s social media accounts, messages read: "The Incel Rebellion has already begun! He was a self-described incel saying, “Here I am, 26, with no friends, no job, no girlfriend” in his own manifesto.

You don’t want to jump because it’s scary, but if you don’t jump, you’ll never reach the solid ground below where you can move forward.

You’ll always be stuck at the top of the cliff, unable to go anywhere, unable to make any progress.

What makes the Incel community confusing to the general public is many of us have also gone through romantic rejection, job loss, and other social challenges, so what’s the difference?

I believe psychologically speaking, Incels believe they have no sense of control hence the term “involuntary”.

The joy you experience is in the freedom you have gained.

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