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This exercise was really helpful to create a shared vision of who we want our bot to .

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We also tried to challenge assumptions wherever possible. We are trying to make our bot feel more human and continue to explore variations in messages.

We feel like we’ve just scratched the surface of how to design personality, though we are excited and inspired daily as we test the system.

This exercise helped us drill into understanding how the personality of Emojibot would ‘speak’, using the personality we designed as inspiration.

We wrote down key values and open questions around what vocabulary we use, what values we maintain and share, and key decisions/examples.

What we decided to do was for me to spend some time in a regular i Message thread, in which I “play the role” of Emojibot in the conversation.

I would facilitate the game just like we hoped the bot would, and react to users’ messages.

The insights from this process were going to help us build the features—until…With our first development iteration of Emoji Salad (then called Emojinary Friend), we focused a lot more on just getting core features down in the app.

We did not think much about the experience and personality of the app.

Every response back from Emojibot was the same exact response. Once our core feature set was developed, we very quickly realized we needed to reel back the experience to bring it closer to the surprise, delight and story-telling that we facilitated in the version where a human was playing the role of Emojibot.

The team wanted to get a good sense of who Emojibot could be to different users.

Another activity we found useful was to run a tone of voice exercise like this one.

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