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We are also thrilled to offer, totally free of charge; one fastest growing database of singles online.Our portfolio of free mobile dating sites comprises over 120 of the best free mobile dating communities online.

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Our quick and easy support page makes it easy to get your questions answered and we are always committed to making sure we provide you with exceptional service.

Our support email is fast and efficient and there are never needless forms or hoops to jump through!

Those decisions enable us to offer the same or better service as a paid dating site, but completely free to all our members.

Likewise our business model and technology platform adapt perfectly to markets all around the world and through being the first social impact powered dating network we also have a value proposition that resonates extraordinarily with REAL people.

After exhaustive research into all facets of existing business models for dating sites and mobile dating apps, Jason Lee reached the conclusion the internet dating business is moving from a growth stage into a more flat or even declining stage and that as a result ultimately the business is not best suited as a premium service.

Moreover, his research showed as barriers to entry are further reduced and as user acquisition costs continue to rise the only way to build a service that could gain wide brand recognition was to focus on providing an excellent user experience while substantially pushing down the costs of business operations.

Our core values center on respect of our members and respect for honest business practices.

So while we help connect real people connect based on their shared interests with our free mobile dating sites, we also give 10% of our revenues directly to charitable causes.

When you couple together our social impact business model with the 120 totally free dating sites we offer within Friends Date Network, you’d be hard pressed to find a online dating company more focused on user experience.

came about as the brainchild of Jason Lee; a leading online dating industry critic who spent nearly 5 years researching the behaviors of singles on dating sites as well as the strengths and weaknesses of top dating platforms and mobile dating apps.

This is the story of how Friends Date Network came to be.

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