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“I have 2 sons: Hayden and Oliver,” she begins her post.

“DSis (Darling Sister) had a daughter after I had Hayden and named her Hayden I didn’t care too much as she was a girl and mine was a boy.

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You can offer warnings when needed and advice when asked, but otherwise take a seat.

Losing that friend over your sister's breakup was hard for you, no doubt.

So you've made an even bigger mountain, I guess, out of a mountain. And when you're asked these questions, you feel ... You fill in the blanks yourself, obviously, with specifics on exactly what chaps you and why — but it's an important exercise.

Unhealthy dynamics promote dissembling where directness serves us best, unfortunately. This family dynamic bothers you and it's affecting the way you interact with your mom, so at least give her the chance to understand.

The second is because although some are great to hang out with, I know more about these friends than my sisters do. They treat me well, but their girlfriends, not so much. So in a way it is protectiveness — not just of my siblings, but of my relationships with my friends. (OK, I did once secretly Sharpie out a calamitous apostrophe on a friend's knickknack. You have a right to want a certain outcome, but you don't have a right to make decisions for other people to bend an outcome your way.

Shouldn't I have a right to not want my family to date my friends so I don't get caught in their turmoil? Not even when your intent is to protect others and certainly not when your intent is to hoard friends for yourself.When she broke up with him, he stopped talking to me. I have a right not to want people to use apostrophe-S to make something plural.It was too painful for him because I reminded him of her. That doesn't mean I get to edit peoples sign's, Christmas card's or mailboxe's.We don't — he had a vasectomy before we met and I'm fine with that.I'm a very private person and my mom has a long history of sharing my private information, including with my grandmother, who will give me a hard time for not wanting kids.It also didn’t matter that much.” The mum explained her Oliver is now two months old and her sister, who is in the third trimester of her pregnancy, just announced she’s going to call her son Oliver too.

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