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105–123) Sarah Scott Romans and Britons on the Northern Frontier: A Theoretical Evaluation of the Archaeology of Resistance (pp. 112–124) David Petts Brooches and Identities in First Century AD Britain: More Than Meets The Eye? 26–35) Kenneth Aitchison Contact, Architectural Symbolism and the Negotiation of Cultural Identity in the Military Zone (pp. 59–71) Richard Bayliss A Pilgrimage Experience at Sacred Sites in Late Antique Anatolia (pp.124–131) Bernice Kurchin A Shoppers’ Paradise: Consumers in Roman Britain (pp. 72–85) Mark Jackson Christianity and the End of Roman Britain (pp.

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29–38) Richard Reece The Study of Roman Technology: Some Theoretical Constraints (pp.

29–47) Kevin Greene The Pre–Industrial City in Roman Britain (pp.

Aldershot: Avebury (1993) Edited by Eleanor Scott Front Matter (pp. Bridging the divide: A Commentary on Theoretical Roman Archaeology (pp. TRAC (Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference) 1991 (pp. 5–22) Eleanor Scott Attitudes to Roman Imperialism (pp.

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Some Comments on Recent Approaches to the Romano–British Villa and Some Suggestions Towards and Alternative (pp.

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