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Old photos are fine as long as I never actually meet any of these people.

I also have to double check all of them to make sure there isn’t a Woolworths in the background.

It’s a scary concept, so I try to tell myself that it’s just 3D Tinder with better graphics and faster loading times.

Leading the field in the creepiness stakes is Happn, the new kid on the block.

Or to be more accurate, the new kid that knows the exact whereabouts of everyone else on the block thanks to GPS technology.

I’m only Jewish in a technical sense and it would be wrong to fake a religious belief for the sake of meeting someone.

(Also, and more importantly, I didn’t get a single match, which is a shame because I’m told it says “Mazel tov!

And, if all else fails, I’ve just found a killer photo of myself standing outside a branch of Comet in 2012.

In this talk, evolutionary anthropologist and relationship specialist Dr.

Speed Dating in the City - it's fun, it's fast and it's flirty!

The Bristol Post recently reported that “Bristol is fast becoming a city of singles” with as many as 1 in 3 Bristolians currently living alone, and many turning to dating apps in their search for love. Lonely enough to say “hella’” if I think it’ll help.

We hold all our events in centrally located bars or clubs hired exclusively for the evening.

Book online now or call 0117 9393207 for more information on our speed dating and singles events near you.

” when you do.) I don’t mean to sound self-pitying.

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