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We will be more than glad to accept the cremains sample from you, with or without the urn or metal cube and then proceed with harvesting a test sample.

Yes, the balance of the cremains will be returned to you following the release of our final test report.

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The Conservation Department of the National Museum of Ireland coordinates the project, and NOVA goes behind the scenes with key players, including archeologist Isabella Mulhall, pathologist Marie Cassidy, and conservator Patrick Doyle.

Both of these bizarre cases will test every team member's experience and expertise, and there is not a lot to go on: the last body to emerge from the Irish bogs was in 1978.

An urn of some type containing what appears to be ashes or cremains may be suspect as to the actual contents.

We can examine the cremains and determine if in fact they are representative of organic human remains.

No small detail is overlooked as NOVA examines the corpses up close in the laboratory.

Make no mistake, these are not skeletons or mummies but the intact soft tissue of people trapped in time.

They use hair analysis to figure out diet and even magnify the edges of fingernails to assess if the victims were engaged in hard manual labor or a life of privilege.

(To examine perhaps the most famous bog body of all, see Tollund Man.) One of the two bog bodies is named Oldcroghan Man after the locale in which it was found, at the foot of a rolling hill with ritual monuments and burials dating back for millennia.

We have seen cremains samples that did not contain any sign of former living material.

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