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(3) There must be a separate witness summons for each witness.

(4) A witness summons may require a witness to produce documents to the court either – (a) on the date fixed for a hearing; or (b) on such date as the court may direct.

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Back to top 34.8 (1) A party may apply for an order for a person to be examined before the hearing takes place.

(2) A person from whom evidence is to be obtained following an order under this rule is referred to as a ‘deponent’ and the evidence is referred to as a ‘deposition’.

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(2) A party must obtain permission from the court where he wishes to – (a) have a summons issued less than 7 days before the date of the trial; (b) have a summons issued for a witness to attend court to give evidence or to produce documents on any date except the date fixed for the trial; or (c) have a summons issued for a witness to attend court to give evidence or to produce documents at any hearing except the trial.

(3) A witness summons must be issued by – (a) the court where the case is proceeding; or (b) the court where the hearing in question will be held.

(3) A witness summons which is – (a) served in accordance with this rule; and (b) requires the witness to attend court to give evidence, is binding until the conclusion of the hearing at which the attendance of the witness is required.

Back to top 34.6 (1) A witness summons is to be served by the court unless the party on whose behalf it is issued indicates in writing, when he asks the court to issue the summons, that he wishes to serve it himself.

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