online dating websites for big people - Dating misconceptions

When it comes to dating, it can be challenging no matter what your age.

Many women make the incorrect assumption that all men want a younger woman. Men look at women – younger, older and everywhere in between.

Lisa reminds us that this is why having a fabulous photo on your online dating profile is so important.

Getting involved in the dating scene in your 50s and 60s can feel intimidating.

But we also know how important finding love is for living a rich and full life.

And it can be a tricky area to navigate since men’s egos are so closely tied to their sexual ability.

On the other hand, some men actually become better lovers with age – thanks largely to the multitude of medications available for those who need a little help in this department.

And the greatest part of it is that they don’t have to fit perfectly into narrowly defined categories in our lives!

Lisa explains that when we’re young women, we all tend to have this desire for men to like us.

This may be because women form strong emotional connections with the friends and family in their lives, whereas most men only form deep emotional connections with their significant other.

Something that Lisa says women may notice when dating is men who engage in “future talk.” This involves a man calling you “honey” or “babe” before they’ve even met you.

It can be easy to approach dating with the same mindset that we did in our 20s.

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