Dating my daughter form

Dear Prudence, We recently discovered our daughter is pregnant.

She is 18 and mentally disabled, and there is a police investigation under way.

You are not in a position to help this troubled man.

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I know time is of the essence, but there are multiple conversations you need to have before you can move ahead either with securing an abortion or with preparing your family for another child.

You sound like a deeply caring parent, and I wish you all the best in navigating this incredibly complex situation.

It seems sad to write him off, but I’m not sure what else to do.

You don’t live near him, and you didn’t have a pre-existing friendship with him.

Dear Prudence, An old high school acquaintance recently reached out to me after a volatile breakup with his girlfriend.

I have been a sympathetic outlet for him, mostly through text messages.He’s got a great setup going: You take all the heat as the identified atheist and he doesn’t have to go to church. Unless he’s planning on taking your children to church to please his parents and faking religious fervor for the rest of his life, sooner or later he’s going to have to do the unthinkable: be honest with them.You can’t force him into it, but you can tell him that you’re no longer going to lie on his behalf, and that the next time his parents ask you a direct question about their son’s beliefs or church attendance, you’re going to tell them the truth.Dear Prudence, My husband “John” and I are expecting our first child.John’s parents are devout Christians whose lives revolve around their church.The first question is a legal one: Even assuming you have medical conservatorship over your adult daughter (guardianship laws vary from state to state), from your description it does not sound to me as if she is clearly giving her consent to an abortion.

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