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With the arrival of communism, local entrepreneurs lost their farms, businesses and possessions.

This helps to develop and support businesses across the economy.

A: Our company manages complex projects for industrial customers.

Some people move their whole family here to start a new life growing tomatoes, while others build a house or buy a dacha as an investment.

A walk along the riverside is a great way to spend a couple of hours and really get a good feel for the city.

There are many interesting places, but I would like to specifically mention the city's riverside.

It is a true city gem, improving every year without losing its identity.

Every four years, the city holds the International Rachmaninov Competition of Young Pianists ().

The competition includes public recitals, and prominent international pianists play at the final performance.

— Guennadi Moukine Calling themselves Molokans, mainly for their practice of defying the church by drinking milk during Lent, they were deemed heretics by the tsar and severely persecuted and exiled from Russia.

Current-day Baptists and other Protestant denominations in Russia trace their roots back to the Molokans.

Moscow envisioned Tambov as a fortress to protect it from Crimean Tatars, but no historical evidence exists that it ever served its original purpose.

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