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Aim It aims at functioning as a community for singles with any sort of handicap, mental or physical, to meet and interact with similar individuals in a user-friendly setting. ‘We are the #1 online disabled dating and disabled friend finder service’. Facilities An extensive site, which offers comprehensive services from disabled employment and dating services to discussion forums, chat rooms and message boards.

And over 20,000 registered members, which provides a great deal of variety.

Facilities Boasts of an online casino for members, virtual flirting, live web cam chat, video dating, free photo profile and a refined member search including disability type.

Don't be afraid if you receive higher rejection rates, it can happen more on mainstream dating sites rather than on niche disabled-dating websites -Be introduced to someone by a friend or a relative. -If you can go out easily even with your disability, here are some suggestions for going out : Go to the Church, Engage conversations at the Supermarket or your Local Store, Go to the Cinema or a Free Concert outside, Talk to your Neighbors (they can introduce the love of your life to you, who knows) -Try to make new friends or have at least some good friends and don't stay alone -Remember one thing : Everybody and I mean Everybody, with or without disabilities, experiences rejection when dating someone, Online or in the Real World.

There are sites covering virtually every topic and offering advice or information on almost any problem you may have.

Aim Disabled Dating World is a an online dating service for persons with disabilities, those caring for them, their families and friends, and anyone who would like to meet compatible people having a disability. USPApart from the various facilities offered, comprehensive and quality information on a wide variety of topics.

Facilities You can email other singles with the added advantage of potential dates delivered to your inbox, two-way matching, up to four pictures upload, apart from the chat room and disability forum.

The site aims to include an entertainment section, an information resource with links to relevant agencies and in the near future, offer a wealth of global information regarding specialized holidays, transport, health & safety, accommodation, legal issues and work etc.

Aim To provide a safe place on the net for disabled singles to meet other singles that can understand what it is like to deal with a disability. USPAs one member says, "Unlike other Disabled Dating sites, I like that this one does not force you to select an illness when you register.

Thereafter, a six-month membership renewal is .95 or free in the event you have not had a referral in the preceding period.

USPNo informal chat rooms or message bulletins and discussion forums here.

I think that anyone that comes here to meet others knows that there is a situation to be revealed in due time simply from the nature of the site.

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