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So called "blogs" (because the old media call everything published online a "blog") like Perez Hilton and Tech Crunch are one sign of the future. One way to start is to make things for smaller companies, because they can't afford the overpriced stuff made for big ones. It should be possible to make interactions with customers much higher-res. This is vaguer than most of the other recipes here, but it may be the most valuable.

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If we say we're looking for x, we'll get applications proposing x, certainly.

But then it actually becomes harder to judge them: is this group proposing x because they were already thinking about it, or because they know that's what we want to hear?

Another would be to start with games and gradually make them more thoughtful. Now that so much happens on computers connected to networks, it's possible to measure things we may not have realized we could.

Another, particularly for younger kids, would be to let them learn by watching one another (anonymously) solve problems. And there are some big problems that may be soluble if we can measure more. One of the biggest is that they have no sense of design. You have to deal with messy, expensive physical stuff.

It's more serious than that: their problems are due to deep structural flaws that are exposed now that they have competitors.

When the only sources of news were the wire services and a few big papers, it was enough to keep writing stories about how the president met with someone and they each said conventional things written in advance by their staffs. In most companies the IT department is an expensive bottleneck.Readers were never that interested, but they were willing to consider this news when there were no alternatives. Getting them to make you a simple web form could take months. Now if the marketing department wants to put a form on the web, they can do it themselves in 5 minutes. Enterprise software companies sell bad software for huge amounts of money. This is a form of enterprise software, but I'm mentioning it explicitly because it seems like this area has such potential.News will morph significantly in the more competitive environment of the web. You can take practically anything users still depend on IT departments for and base a startup on it, and you will have the enormous force of their present dissatisfaction pushing you forward. They get away with it for a variety of reasons that link together to form a sort of protective wall. I suspect that if you study different parts of the enterprise software business (not just what the software does, but more importantly, how it's sold) you'll find parts that could be picked off by startups. CRM ("Customer Relationship Management") means all sorts of different things, but a lot of the current embodiments don't seem much more than mailing list managers. Many of the best startups happened when someone needed something in their work, found it didn't exist, and quit to build it.Bonus points if you can invent new forms of advertising whose effects are measurable, above all in sales. The possible answers are a lot more interesting than just putting books online.One route would be to start with test prep services, for which there's already demand, and then expand into teaching kids more than just how to score high on tests.So the way to approach this problem is probably to start over from scratch: to think what the goal of advertising is, and ask how to do that using the new ingredients technology gives us. A lot of parents realize it, and would be interested in ways for their kids to learn more.

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