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PM Gather for our Group Meeting in the hotel conference room for a Presentation by Dr.

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Cornelius O Brien, a descendant of Brian Boru (who defeated the Vikings in battle), built a Tower at the cliffs in order to enjoy some tea with his lady friends.

The Tower is adjacent to the sea stack, Breanan Mr, which stands over 230 ft.

(More detailed instructions will be included in your final itinerary, which will be sent to the group about ten days before the journey begins.) . Please note check in may not be possible before 3PM.

- If you'd like to arrive in Ireland a day early in order to adjust to the time change, and would like for us to give you a quote for the additional night at the Park Hotel, please notify us with your registration. PM - Group Meeting in the conference room at the hotel.

above the foaming waves and is home to some of the Burrens wildlife.

Atlantic Edge, the exciting new interpretive center at the Cliffs of Moher, which is built into the natural landscape, is a huge domed cave that contains images, exhibits, displays & experiences exploring different elements of the mighty Cliffs of Moher: Ocean, Rock, Nature and Man.Gaelic is still the spoken language there, where little has changed since the beginning of time.It's without a doubt the wildest and the most romantic part of Ireland.Huge caves and rivers which flood suddenly when it rains are found under them. Sixteen adults, six children, and one newborn (from the Bronze Age) were among the remains. Only one adult was over the age of 40, while most died before they reached 30.Most of the children were between the ages of five and fifteen. The tip of a flint or chert projectile point was found embedded in the hip of one individual.Be in the lobby ready to depart.AM Depart from our hotel in Shannon for Galway. Situated on the Atlantic Ocean and bordering the Burren Area, the Cliffs of Moher are one of Ireland's most spectacular sights. above the ground at their highest point and almost 5 miles long, the Cliffs boast one of the most amazing views in Ireland.

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