Dating two girls in persona 4

now proudly stands among the very best games the PS2 has to offer, and as one of the best Japanese-style roleplaying games ever created.

It was also overlooked by many, coming so late in the PS2’s life, and after the release of the PS3.

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The only real change is that you are now able to strike up new relationships with flunky detective Adachi, as well as with Marie, a girl created specifically for .

When you first meet Marie, she appears to be yet another denizen of the Velvet Room, a mysterious extra-dimensional room that you can only access via blue doors scattered throughout the game.

In turn, the dungeon exploration aspect of the game is relatively standard as well.

You and a group of up to three friends are tasked with traveling downward through a number of colorful, thematically-appropriate dungeon settings where you’ll face off against monsters and hope to discover fantastic loot.

Whether you find yourself drawn to Chie’s kung fu skills and self-doubt or Yukiko’s prim, proper appearance (which hides a mile-wide silly streak), this game offers at least one character that anyone can relate to.

On the other hand, the anime aesthetic and tonal qualities of is far, far deeper than the vast majority of teen-focused cartoons.

These sections both serve as traditional roleplaying game elements and to further the game’s plot, but the really interesting bit is how they intertwine with one another.

We’ll get to that in a second, but first we have to explain what a “Persona” actually is.

That sounds like a pretty stereotypical plot for any roleplaying game, but immediately sets itself apart from the competition in a number of dynamic ways.

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