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Of all the details connected with Whitney Houston’s final days, this ranks among the most peculiar: she supposedly got into a fight with another woman—over Ray J.

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“He encouraged her to be all she could be, to be the Whitney that we loved,” says a source. One source points to how—just like Brown—Ray J was trying to pitch a reality TV series with him and Houston.

“He was just using her like many people did, to get a deal,” the source says.

And then there is that infamous sex tape, the subject of endless conspiracy theories. In it, author Karrine Steffans details her passionate relationship with Ray J.

His inner circle has asked the same questions the rest of us have: Do you ever wonder why the lighting was so good? Then again, his entire family was mortified, says a source close to them. “When Ray and I made love, we would go for hours on end, each hour more satisfying than the last,” Steffans wrote.

That just worked as a catalyst for the swirling rumor of them dating.

On the same event, Juanpa proposed Lele in front of a live audience from where the rumors about their engagement surfaced all over the web. The two are yet to confirm their relationship officially.So far, the fact about their engagement is still a mystery.Is plastic surgery a secret to Lele Pons's hot bikini body?Brandy, a breakout singing sensation of the 1990s (“I Wanna Be Down”), grew up worshiping Houston.She listened to the diva’s albums nonstop and watched The Bodyguard repeatedly.He said something that was braggadocious, kind of in a taunting kind of way: ‘I’ve got your woman.’ It fuelled a not-so-good thing between him and Bob.”Ray J might have appealed to Houston because he’s the anti–Bobby Brown.

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