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In addition to standard policies, the Policy CSP can now also handle ADMX-backed policies.In an ADMX-backed policy, an administrative template contains the metadata of a Window Group Policy and can be edited in the Local Group Policy Editor on a PC.

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Inbox ADMX files are processed into MDM policies at OS-build time.

ADMX files that are ingested are processed into MDM policies post-OS shipment through the Policy CSP.

When the MDM policy is referenced by a Sync ML command and the Policy CSP URI, , this metadata is referenced and determines which registry keys are set or removed.

For a list of ADMX-backed policies supported by MDM, see Policy CSP - ADMX-backed policies.

Depending on the specific category of the settings that they control (OS or application), the administrative template settings are found in the following two locations in the Local Group Policy Editor: In a domain controller/Group Policy ecosystem, Group Policies are automatically added to the registry of the client computer or user profile by the Administrative Templates Client Side Extension (CSE) whenever the client computer processes a Group Policy.

Conversely, in an MDM-managed client, ADMX files are leveraged to define policies independent of Group Policies.

Here is a video of how to create a custom xml to enable an ADMX-backed policy and deploy the XML in Intune.

To capture the end-to-end MDM handling of ADMX Group Policies, an IT administrator must use a UI, such as the Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc), to gather the necessary data.

For more information, see Group Policy ADMX Syntax Reference Guide.

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