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And in the long run, most of us would agree that the love in our lives is definitely what matters most.That’s why the greatest gift you can give yourself is learning the skills of love.

AND, believe it or not, the journey to discovering and cultivating love is actually meant to be one of the great spiritual and emotional journeys of your entire life!

There’s no deeper journey than your journey of learning to find and keep love.

Early on while dating I did something that really hurt my wife.

Let’s just say I did not tell her all the details of my past until well into our third year of dating.

Rather this is when God reminds me of all of the car accidents, shoot outs, failures, near misses, lies told, and acts of deceit that God has sustained and forgiven me from and it helps me to look at my wife and forgive.

There is an old sermon illustration that was pretty popular in the 90’s.

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The inability to forgive corrodes what once was a vital relationship of intimacy on all fronts.

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