Double your dating interview

Eben talks about how and why the Internet gives us all opportunities to make a difference in the world. He's been very successful in a lot of different areas on the Internet and got started when a lot of things were just beginning. I had to figure it all out: how to do e-mail, how to get traffic and how to take payments.I think it is the first time I've had a conversation like this during an interview. The day the website came online, I sold two or three copies of my book.

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From what I know of government and non-profits, they're not very good at execution or doing things in a results-based way.

Businesses have figured out not only how to execute and get results but do it in a way that creates excess value.

Up until then, almost everyone on the planet was born, lived, and died in the same place and didn't go more than a few miles from wherever it was. We're going to see it a lot more especially with the rise of the Internet, and the tools and processes it facilitates.

They didn't even know that other cultures existed, and if they heard of one, it was in folklore. Adrian: Both you and I are hardcore Ayn Rand fanatics, and there's a real contrast there. There's a very interesting set of models that a guy named Claire Graves created.

I realised something big was going on, so I started to build the business. I went through a phase in my life where I was single, and I couldn't get a date to save my life.

Now seven plus years later, I have a team of about 80 full-time employees. I started reading books, going to seminars and getting to know dating experts.

We're probably running at million a year in sales. Modern reality is not about having letters after your name nor is it necessarily about having qualifications or certifications. I found the stuff others were teaching was rehashed from decades ago, seemed corny and ridiculous, was for relationships after you get a date, or was something that seemed a little manipulative or sneaky.

We've launched several businesses in various niches, mostly in the relationship and dating advice space as well as the business marketing and Internet marketing space. Modern reality is about wanting to learn different things because your basic Maslow's hierarchy of needs are met. Then I started hanging out with guys that really understood dating and attraction; they were naturals. They were doing things that no one else I had found really noticed.

We have a coaching program where we teach others how to publish and make money by selling information products on the Internet. Obviously, you're the infamous David De Angelo and this is . I want to learn cool stuff like how to improve, how to go on adventures and how to play video games. I'd write down what I saw and ask questions, and then I'd go try something.

I've read and studied your stuff and I think every guy should do the same. I stumbled across a whole body of knowledge that other people knew about but didn't know they knew; they didn't know it was important. Adrian: Can you talk a little bit about the model of what happens through your process and what you do afterwards? What most entrepreneurs and newbies, who start businesses, are trying to do is just get people to buy their product. When you sign up for the e-mail newsletter, I'm going to communicate with you multiple times on a constant basis. It might take 10, 20 or 50 communications before you finally buy.

I realised that good marketing isn't just about convincing people to buy stuff; it's about communicating value.

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