Dreamweaver template links not updating

When you save links in a template, Dreamweaver automatically adjusts the path of each link so that all of the links work properly even if the saved pages that you created from the template are in different subfolders.(Just make sure that all of your pages are saved in your root site folder.)STEP 5 Save the Template Once you’re done designing and previewing your page, choose File Save as Template.The middle of the page is where each image will be placed, so I started by creating the entire layout and inserting the first photo in the series to make sure everything in the design is the way I want it before saving it as a template.

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Make sure this is where your template is saved and that you don’t move it.

Saving templates in the Template folder ensures that your pages appear in the Templates list in the New Document dialog.

After all the time it takes to create a great-looking webpage, you shouldn’t have to go through all that effort every time you want a similar page.

Thanks to the template feature in Dreamweaver, you don’t have to.

By changing the template, you can automatically update all of the pages created from the template.

This can save hours of work when the inevitable happens—you or one of your clients realizes that an element on every page of the design needs to change.

It’s good practice to set the size of the placeholder image to the size you’ll want your images in the design.

Dreamweaver includes the size in the text that displays within the placeholder.

STEP 7 Define Editable Regions Before your template will be of much use, you need to insert editable regions to identify the areas of the template that you’ll want to change in any pages that you create from the template.

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