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"I really think the forties are the greatest years for any woman, because you have a real sense of yourself.I'm much more aggressive in what I want to do in my life." Shue was raised with three brothers in a tightly knit middle-class family in New Jersey.Then I began to wonder whether acting was the right thing for me.

"I think the perception of the fun the actors were having in the Eighties was probably different from the actual experience, but I was never a part of that." After a few misfires, her star status went under the radar for a few years.

Yet she returned, guns blazing, proving her talent in the meaty role of a prostitute in love with an alcoholic (Nicolas Cage), in Mike Figgis's Leaving Las Vegas.

I just knew I had to go back." Not only did returning to Harvard mean putting her career on hold, but Shue had to relocate her family to the East Coast. "I did make friends [at Harvard], but I couldn't hang out the way I used to when I was in my twenties, I had to go home and take care of my kids at the end of day.

But it was really nice being with kids who were different ages." Clapping her hands in a child-like manner, Shue proudly says: "Now I can say, 'I'm a graduate.' It was fun to wear the cap and gown, and the ceremony was very emotional for me." When Shue returned to LA, she even toyed with the idea of leaving acting in favour of teaching, but changed her mind after reading a script for Amy and Isabelle, the fifth instalment of the Emmy award-winning series of literary adaptations produced by Oprah Winfrey.

But the rope broke, and he was impaled on the branches of a tree. Shue, who rarely speaks of the freak accident, expressed her emotions years later: "During the years of healing, the example of Will's life has come so close to me.

He was unafraid and exuberant, embracing life with his arms wide open, cherishing what's important, family and friends, instead of being scared of being vulnerable.

Introverted Emily doesn't have any friends to play with, and creates an imaginary friend named Charlie.

Dr Calloway befriends a woman (Shue), to the annoyance of his daughter who thinks she's trying replace her mother.

A few unsolved murders later and the audience wonders if Emily is acting out, or perhaps Charlie isn't imaginary after all?

Shue jokes that this is not a film her son will be watching.

' At the time, my dad wrote me a letter saying I shouldn't swear, because children will be watching this film for years and I'd be a bad role model.

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