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Her debut film as an actress was in the movie The Untold.She rose to prominence after she was cast in the television show Smallville in which she portrays a street-smart teenager.Her beauty has been recognized and she was named as one of Canada’s 50 Most Beautiful People by the Canadian version of Hello!

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Actor Erica Durance is mom to David, 17, Lochlan, 18 months, and number three (also a boy) is due this December.

She and husband David divide their time between Vancouver and Toronto, where her hit show Saving Hope just finished shooting its fifth season (airing on CTV in 2017).

Is it fun to get to play out such an iconic scenario?

Durance: It's really fun and I've always been a kid at heart.

They get into a whole lot of trouble, trying to scoop out the stories. I love that my character has had all sorts of sides to her – the absurd, the funny, bringing in a little bit of sexiness.

I love that it shows a female can be really well rounded and she can laugh at herself. I am a perfectionist to the hilt, so I've learned something from that.

For example, she sees herself as very mature and his mentor and she just kind of guides him through, whether it's on the intellect of how to write a story or how to scoop out a story, or it's just his physical appearance. She gets him all changed up and suddenly he looks like the Clark Kent in the mythos. So I see little things like that and I get very excited about it.

IGN: You seem to also have more of an opportunity to build what we know is going to be the great love story of Lois and Clark.

Some would say I don't play the kind of cool actress – "Oh yeah, I'm so above this." I see a part [of the script] that's going to bring it into that mythos and I get really excited. They're starting to bring Clark into the Planet and he's going to be working there and we have desks that are facing each other.

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