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Explaining why she focused on the urban middle classes in China, and not the rural or urban poor, who are in the majority, she said: “There is a wonderful book called [by Leslie T.Chang] which gives you a great insight into factory workers, the working classes and poor Chinese.

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“I read History at Bristol University, but there was no Chinese element to my History degree, so I felt like there was a gap in my knowledge,” she said.

She had written for her university student newspaper and had had a love life and dating column on her school publication. Most of her friends were looking for jobs in London, but she jetted off to Shanghai and got an internship on lifestyle and entertainment magazine “I was not interested in China per se at that time but just fancied a bit of an adventure,” she said.

There is so much energy – and so much happens there; even just cycling to the office something might happen, there might be a protest.

China has a high number of protests,” she explained.

Everyone was doing something interesting in China then! After the six month internship she got a job writing for an economic magazine .

A year later, in 2007, she returned to the UK to work for the History Channel.“One of the main drivers became the pollution,” she said.“The masks are painful to wear and not particularly useful – they grip your face,” she said.The most famous Chinese person in the West is Ai Weiwei,” Steinfeld added.So, at the age of 22, straight out of university she got on a plane and went to China for the first time.“But I never got China out of my system,” she admitted.

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