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INDUSTRY LEADING – Our Platinum used car inspections are modeled after manufacture certified vehicle standards (I.e.150 point certified) but are far superior as we also check for repainted panels, frame damage, prior cosmetic and mechanical repairs and proper operation of all electronics/accessories, documenting: tire, suspension, and brake wear as well as running extensive mechanical tests you won’t find with any other used car inspection.

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Since 2006 proper Master ASE Certified Technicians performing real inspections.

The most technologically advanced used car inspection anywhere We help you avoid the scams, risks, headaches and unnecessary expenses when buying a used vehicle.

It’s never more important to trust a dating back to 2007, and most importantly can provide a completely unbiased inspection without any hidden agendas or performing any other automotive work.

We speak from experience from someone who started working in a dealership performing used vehicle inspections, no other automotive business anywhere gives you all of the information needed between our upfront research, history report(s), class leading customer service/communication and our in depth inspection itself.2) Choose the inspection that works best for your budget, comfort level and vehicle and then follow the instructions to figure your pre-purchase inspection cost3) Instantly Order/Book your Platinum | Gold | Bronze pre-purchase inspection.

The Corpag Group dates back to March 1, 1972 when Corporate Agents N. was formed by a law and notary firm in Curaçao (formerly Netherlands Antilles).

provided for incorporation, domiciliation, management and administration of Curaçao companies, which at that time were mainly used for structuring real estate investments in the USA and various corporate structures with the Netherlands.

Once you’ve completed your inspection request and have made your payment, we then take care of the rest.

We’ll first confirm the booking with you via email, providing you whatever research we can along with at least 1 vehicle history report.

was taken over by its management and continued as a fully independent service provider expanding its services and jurisdictions, resulting in The Corpag Group as it exists today.

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