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Google’s approach, Google Answers, was to enlist a cadre of “experts.” The concept was that you would pose a question to one of these experts, negotiate a price for an answer, and then pay up when it was found and delivered.

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Aren’t they just like flies buzzing around an elephant?

Can’t Google just ignore them, as their share of the search market continues to creep upwards towards 100%, or perhaps just buy them? Issac Asimov, the preeminent science fiction writer of our time, once said that his favorite story, by far, was The Last Question.

For example, let’s look at the first thing that almost everyone sees when they go to search the Internet – the ubiquitous Google homepage.

That famously sparse, clean sheet of paper with the colorful Google logo is the most popular Web page in the entire World Wide Web.

For millions and millions of Internet users, that Spartan white page IS the Internet.

Google has successfully made their site the front door through which everyone passes in order to access the Internet. While some may object to her sultry demeanor, it’s pretty hard to deny that interfacing with her is far more visually appealing than with an inert white screen. Instead of squeezing through the keyhole in order to reach Google’s 37 search options, Simply Google places all of those choices and many, many more all on the very first page; neatly arranged in columns.While Google essentially helps you to find what you already know (you just can’t find it), recommendation engines show you a whole world of things that you didn’t even know existed.Check out What to Rent, Music Map, or the stunning Live Plasma display.The question, for those who have not read it, is “Can Entropy Be Reversed?” That is, can the ultimate running down of all things, the burning out of all stars (or their collapse) be stopped – or is it hopelessly inevitable?We all intuitively know that the World Wide Web is just that, a three dimensional (or “3-D”) web of interconnected Web pages.

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