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Early awareness of future trends and quick reactions to changing requirements of globally interdependent markets characterize our organizations work.

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1997 als Alumniverein gegründet ist der Freundeskreis heute eine wichtige Stütze unserer Fakultät.

Er bietet den Studierenden Zugriff auf ein starkes juristisches Netzwerk in Düsseldorf und darüber hinaus und unterstützt sie mit Veranstaltungen aller Art. Mai 2018 zu einer Vitamin F-Veranstaltung eingeladen und den Teilnehmern die Möglichkeit geboten, renom-mierte Kanzleien kennen zu lernen und Kontakte zur juristischen Praxis zu knüpfen.

No country can achieve sustainable economic development without substantial investment in human capital.

KWB is your reliable partner when it comes to the implementation of tailor-made solutions in the field of education and training.

- The CRM integrations offered by 3CX are very popular with our users as they help you increase your agents’ productivity and save time on tedious tasks like adding contacts manually to your 3CX phonebook.

The 3CX plugin for Office 365, once configured, opens the contact record in Office 365 during ...

And boy, the improvements it comes with over its predecessor “Jessie”… New 4.9 Linux kernel supporting newer hardware, improvements to apt and overall security beefed up.

This leaves 3CX and Debian 8 users with some questions marks. - It was great to see how enthusiastic our partners and users are with the upcoming Update 2 of 3CX V15.5.

We’ve really made it easy to create conferences, add participants as well as the options a user has when a conference is ongoing, ...

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