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I then hurried to the bathroom where I enjoyed a warm enema and a long soak in the tub.

After I shaved thoroughly (and I do mean thoroughly) I spent an hour and a half perfecting my make-up, fingernails and toenails.

If you read my earlier story in Forced Womanhood 45, you may recall that I had been ‘forced’ into becoming Rachelle by Paul Owen, the VP of IT for our firm when he found my photos and internet history on my company laptop.

I was playing on my laptop reviewing the photos when I carelessly pulled off one of my extra-long nails.

As I glued it back on I noticed I had not covered the entire nail on my index finger with polish.

He gave me a good reference and I moved to Toronto to start with a new data firm.

The money was good and soon I started travelling around the US showing off the attributes of the software I helped develop.

Resolving to remove all of it, I went to the bathroom to soak a Q-tip in polish remover. I could only stare at myself i mirror as I realized that I had forgotten to pack any.

I sat down on the toilet to ponder what I was going to do.

I prefer to use career length glue-on nails but I packed in a bit of a rush for this trip and brought only the longer formal nail kit.

This meant I had to be a bit more careful since the glue was very strong and snagging a nail can be painful at best.

The nails, not to mention the polish, were permanent until I used polish remover and I quickly realized that I had no option but to go and buy some.

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