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The 33-year-old and good friend/fellow reality TV vet Omarosa Manigault appear on Thursday's episode of "Steve Harvey," where they get incredibly candid about what goes on behind the scenes of your favorite guilty pleasure shows, what they think of some of their famous costars and explain the upside of getting physical.Right off the bat, Harvey puts the two one spot about how "real" these shows actually are. We can’t go there, because when I go there, we go all the way," she says.

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It’s too much of that and not enough of the other to combat.

That’s the tough part for me." Ever the optimist (or opportunist), Pollard says these ladies know what they're doing.

Also pictures of Wood posing nude have been traveling around the web.

See more » I can't believe I've sat and watched this show for an hour and a half.

Is it because she was right about Flavor Flav not picking her for a second time and from then on trusted her mother's solid opinions?

The show is silly and disgraceful to all the men who appeared on the show.

(You already know the answer.) The fans have spoken—and we’ve got all the results of this week’s edition of Play Live.

Our Single gave us a VIP tour of his namesake Manhattan studio, and it’s exactly what you think it would be: Warm, inviting, chic and packed with the kind of must-have brow-centric products that Joey used on Brian. On last night’s finale, we saw Ericka and Lee and Tripp and Kerry begin their happily-ever-afters, while Tabasum and Joey met people we hope they continue to date. But after reading your best tweets from last night, there’s definitely hope for him yet. Read More cast—Joey, Tabasum, Kerry, Brian, Lee, Ericka—and quickly canceled all of our Tuesday night plans so as to not miss one moment of the laughter, the tears, the storming-out-of-dates and the falling-in-love.

" The full interview airs tomorrow on "Steve Harvey." Check out the video below to see what Omarosa thinks about her former "Apprentice" boss Donald Trump's Presidential run!

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