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In fact, some fans would be surprised to know he's actually been married twice.

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It is not the first time the new couple have been pictured together in public but Dhowre is still a mystery to many of his fans.

Dhowre is 29-years-old and, although growing up in Canada, was reportedly born in Somalia.

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Idris Elba has been sporting a new girlfriend on his arm in recent months.

After meeting through a mutual friend, the two eloped in Las Vegas a couple of months later.

Even though the pair were "madly in love," Sonya claims that being a married man was hurting his reputation as a Hollywood sex symbol.Dhowre, who is said to work as a model and actress, is also a beauty pageant queen and was crowned Miss Vancouver in 2014.The smitten couple were first seen together around Manchester in August but are rumoured to have begun dating at least seven months ago.Good instant I am red and would never fitting anything.This made idris elba dating white girls starting real hardbecause I overcast back up and Yuuuuup.They welcomed their daughter, Isan, in 2002 before officially divorcing a year later.

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