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This book explores railway history worldwide from the age of steam to bullet trains, using items from the collections of the National Railway Museum in York.

The documents reproduced include design drawings from the first railway engineers, paintings and engravings of early infrastructure, a handwritten letter describing the opening of the Stockton to Darlington Railway in 1825, evocative early 20th-century posters and photographs of maglev trains on test tracks.

The first steam-driven engine in Somerset was a water pump installed in the 1740s, but the Great Western Railway brought more profound change a century later.

With reminiscences of life on the railways, this book provides a round-up of steam in the county with stories including the Radstock accident of 1876 and the filming of the Beatles’ A Hard Day's Night in 1964.

The short-sea or river-crossing business undertook a reshaping from the 1950s as private car ownership prompted the introduction of roll-on/roll-off ferries and the parallel development of faster hydrofoil or hovercraft services.

With an array of vessels including chain ferries, sea-going craft and coastal pleasure boats, this pictorial review gives a glimpse of the extensive network of British passenger shipping services that thrived from the 1950s to the 1970s.

Less well chronicled than the Austins, Hillmans and Rovers that provided Britons' personal transport in the 20th century, vehicles made by Scammell, Foden, AEC, Bedford, Leyland and others were nevertheless a common sight on the roads in the form of lorries, buses, vans, charabancs and steam wagons.

This book exhibits over 140 preserved examples of these commercial vehicles, dating from the 1910s to the 1970s, sympathetically photographed in period settings.

First run in 1862, ‘the ten o’ clock’ from King's Cross to Edinburgh quickly became known as the Flying Scotsman as it cut journey times to the North dramatically, facilitating business links to the Scottish capital and northern cities and promoting tourism.

Focusing on the steam era, this illustrated history celebrates the famous service, the locomotives that worked it, the experiences of passengers and staff, the engineering of the route and the landscape it traversed.

Including the accounts of LMS railwaymen, this book tells the story of the Duchesses’ main-line service as well as examining the modern restoration of two locomotives.

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