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A good first step is to do a search of existing industrial designs.

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If you prepare your application properly, the registration should happen fairly quickly as long as your design is found to be original.

If your application is not complete or if changes are needed, the process will take longer.

CIPO keeps records of all industrial designs filed and registered in Canada dating back to 1861.

You can search by going on the Canadian Industrial Designs Database. You can do searches using the classification code, classification text, client reference number, court order number, name of current owner, date of registration, description, interested parties and title.

This is true of many manufactured products; their value to people depends not only on what they do, but also on how they look.

Manufacturers put a lot of money and know-how into their industrial designs and this is why an original design is considered to be valuable IP.

Important notice This electronic version of the guide is the official version.

If there are inconsistencies between this guide and the applicable legislation, the legislation must be followed. Glossary This guide is not a complete text on how Canadian law affects industrial designs.

The title should be the common name that the public generally knows and uses (e.g., "lighter", "chair", "spoon", "t-shirt").

Your description, along with the drawings and the title, must give an accurate picture of the design.

You can get application forms online, at CIPO's Client Service Centre or from a regional Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada office.

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