Internet explorer not updating flash

“By default, Windows Update will automatically install important Flash updates as they become available for Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge on those systems.” On the enterprise side, Bawa noted that out-of-date Active X controls aren’t blocked in the Local Intranet Zone or the Trusted Sites Zone.Thus, to see what happens when a user wanders onto an older site using out-of-date Flash Active X controls, Bawa provided a few steps for administrators to follow in order to generate the Flash-based warning.

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I currently have the latest version of the IE Flash Player Installed: I've installed the latest version of the content debugger from The Adobe Flash Player Support Center.

Regardless of what I do IE doesn't seem to pick up the new content debugger version. If you only install the debugger version you will not have Flash Player in IE64, but if you install in IE64 it will overwrite the debugger version!

I've tried uninstalling, tried installing an older version... What you need to do is install the standard 64bit version the 32bit debugger version.

They need to be the latest versions or you will have to use the workaround below.

Stuck on Blizzard Update Getting stuck on the Updating Setup Files loading screen may indicate that the Blizzard Update Agent is having issues installing the game.

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