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3 MILLION MONTHLY VISITORSBefore Brandon launched his blog, he spent six months studying the most successful blogs across all industries.From his extensive data analysis, Brandon was able to build a system for creating blog properties that produced significant traffic and revenue.Responding to concerns about Mr Trump’s “grab them by the p-----” gaffe, Sir Edward Leigh claimed: “Which one of us has not made some ridiculous sexual comment?

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Muslim Labour MP Naz Shah said she felt personally attacked by Mr Trump’s policies.

She told MPs: “I am not an enemy to Western democracy, I am part of Western democracy.

Kerikeri Senior Constable Rob Drummond said police have dealt with 70 incidents relating to the Kerikeri address over the last three years.

The criminal offending includes theft from vehicles, stolen cars, disorderly behaviour and wilful damage, both in the street and in surrounding areas, he said.

“I fought my election really hard, I fought against all those things - the bigotry, the sexism, the patriarchy - to earn my place in this House.” She added: “By allowing Donald Trump a state visit and bringing out the crockery, the china, the red carpet, what we are doing is endorsing all those views, all those things that I fought hard against, and saying ‘you know what, it’s OK’.” MPs also discuss the smaller petition supporting the visit that gained more than 300,000 names.

Northland residents are appealing to Housing New Zealand to deal with intimidating tenants involved in criminal activity in state homes.

HNZ Northland Area Manager Noeline Tua said the tenants in the properties in question have been working with HNZ and other agencies to resolve matters."While HNZ's aim is to keep people housed and get them the appropriate services for any issues they may face, serious anti-social behaviours and other significant illegal activities would be dealt with by police and other relevant authorities," Tua said.

HNZ has received about 30 notifications of issues from people in Keri Keri and Dargaville, she said."But these include complaints about car parking and registration to a person wearing "gang clothing" to differences of opinion about behaviour."More serious allegations have been referred to police and noise and dog control and HNZ continues to meet with both the tenants identified as causing problems and the relevant government agencies as the matters are sorted," Tua said.

FROM BRAIN TUMOR TO 1 MILLIONAfter a brain tumor left him physically and mentally disabled, Brandon overcame the odds to regain his health so that he could help his pregnant wife beat breast cancer. Within four months, his blog had surpassed 100,000 monthly visitors.

Less than two years after his first post, there were over 1 million business owners reading Brandon’s blog every month.

Interrupting proceedings, the SNP’s Alex Salmond claimed that he was “having difficulty hearing” because of the protests.

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