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In order to have a happy and successful INTP relationship, you have to remember that (1) they aren’t very good at expressing their emotions or picking up on your emotional needs and (2) they are very analytical people and will often have to actively turn off their thinking habits in order to sit back and enjoy a moment.

think link flair is a good idea and makes it easy to quickly identify the type of discussions you want to read. Every once in a while there's a flare up of people asking for hands on moderation.

I've said this from the very start when I was brought on as a moderator to do garbage duty with the spam queue and to add to the sidebar: I really don't care to police content, nor do I think omfgninja does.

There is no reason to on reddit; that's literally the whole point of the site and the reason user voting is such a popular format for content/discussion on the internet for the past few years.

It allows everyone to feel a degree of control and relevance regardless of whether they participate or contribute directly.

Daniels I’ve talked about a few of the Myers-Briggs 16 personality types before: the ENFP and the INFP.

Today I’m going to focus on the INTP (which stands for Introversion, Intuition, Thinking, Perception). They are smart and are often attracted to new devices and situations which will allow them to show their more analytical sides.As a child, they loved to be able to take things apart in order to analyze how their toys (and the world around them) works.This is a great way to increase your intelligence but may prove to be a handicap because they are not normally able to “just enjoy something”.It really doesn't bother me to downvote something stupid and stop caring about it 10 seconds later. also, i called jungle in lobby and this guy instalocked without even saying anything WTF please all 9 report after game im way too sick of dealing with trolls in this game;dr: the moderation team here is literally fucking useless and don't even read the subreddit and just dont want to do any work. my teams always throw and i'd be like 5k mmr in dota, this game just has too many feeders. Just be very casual, and focus on how you can relate to the other person, and vibe with them. :) Eventually you will reach a point where you feel totally loose open, and amazing.They are more focused on extroverted senses (which mean the physical world rather than their inner feelings and emotional needs).

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